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Mar 1, 2017

10 Foods That Are Highly Fattening

With 25.7 million US childrens and adults with diabetes, according to the Centers for the report of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), watching your sugar intake means more than curbing your candy habit for you. So what do you you do when you have a hankering for something sweet? Whether you're living with diabetes or changing huge on your diet to help prevent diabetes, learning about and control you how to reach for "good sugar" is a healthy choice. From honey to agave nectar, get the skinny on these 10 sources of good sugar. 
10 sources of good sugar:
  1. Apples: Will you know I love to eat apple ha ha ha.Apples have a low glycemic index number based on glucose, which measures how fast a food is likely to cause your blood sugar levels to rise. Crunching on one of these before bed or during mild activity will keep your blood sugar from dropping.
  2. Honey: I have a small sister and she told that Honey is so sweet like honey.Honey is sweeter than refined sugar, which means you may need less to sweeten your food. However, be aware that honey still contains a significant amount of sugar and should be used in moderation
  3. Bananas: Are you know banana is a instant energy fruits It’s give you instant energy in a minute.This on-the-go fruit is a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamin C, and has a medium range on the glycemic index. For those who follow the glycemic index, you'll have to estimate your glucose intake, since bananas can vary widely in size.
4.        Agave Necter: Also known as the source of tequila, the agave    plant provides a natural source of sugar, and is a great alternative to artificial sweeteners.
5.      ·5.  Pineapple: It’s totally juiche fruits I like that. Fresh, frozen or canned fruits with no added sugars are the best good sources of sugar. When you crave something sweet, try a small serving of juicy pineapple, which packs a lot of sugar in small amounts.
6.      ·6.  Carrots: ‘’ops remember the Rat.’’Boiled or fresh, carrots pack a lot of satisfying crunch, along with good sugar.
7.      ·  7.Beets: Canned beets are easy to prepare and can help you maintain your blood sugar while satisfying your need for good sugar.
8.      · 8. Yogurt: Even though plain yogurt contains some sugar, the healthy benefits of this calcium- and probiotic-rich food make it a good source of sugar.
9.      ·  9.Prunes:Another fruit with a low glycemic index, prunes are a great source of antioxidants as well as potassium, giving this chewy snack its "super fruit" 
110   ·  Whole Wheat Bread:Most people like this.Carbohydrates plays an active role in your blood sugar levels, so counting carbs as well as sugars is important. Opt for stone-ground whole wheat bread over its more-processed fine-ground wheat or white bread cousin.

Also Diabetes patients should avoid that's following picture.