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Feb 16, 2017

Increse your Fitness Level without joining gym.

Lets put a smile on your face. 32 years is still a very young age for you to boost your fitness level. And lets make it even better, you don’t need gym to be fit.

There could be many ways that will boost your fitness levels.➤

1.Pick a sport you love to play, and find a time dedicated for the same. Over time, you will see improvement in your fitness levels.

  1. Yoga is a great way to increase your agility and boost your fitness
  2. Running/Cycling/Swimming - Great fitness boosters. Pick your favorite and start with it. After some time, once you have gotten into the groove, start mixing them up. At any point of time, don’t let your body get used to a routine.
  3. Body Weight exercises are a good way to build strength. Push ups, Squats, Bur pees, and their multiple variations.. Initially it will vex you, but push yourself till you overcome it, and then it will excite you.
  4. Eat well, but eat right. Don’t ever cut down on food drastically. Calculate your body’s requirement, and break it into balanced small meals. Avoid junk as much as possible. Once in a while indulgence is OK - dedicate one day in a month for your indulgence. The remaining days, you should exercise self control.
  5. Hydrate, HYDRATE and HYDRATE! Drink a lot of water. It is the best cleanser, removes toxins, and helps you in achieving your goals better.
  6. Add nuts and seeds into your diet.
  7. Join a fitness group, that exercise together. There are many cycling groups, running groups, non-gym fitness groups, or yoga groups. If you feel lazy to do it by yourself, join a group. Watching your peers will motivate you.
  8. If you are talking about improving fitness without any form of physical activity - Wake Up.. It’s time to be real!