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Feb 19, 2017

The three daily practices to stay young..

How are you all.

Staying young is impossible. Our time here on Earth is finite. FEELING young is a different story.
  • I know some 25 year old that look and feel 50.
  • I know some 50 year old that look and feel 25.

My 3 might seem radical to you, but if you really want to stay younger & healthier for longer… some sacrifices have to be made.

Gratitude: Everyday be grateful. You are very rich if you have food to eat, clothes to cover your body and a bed to sleep. Our
problem is; we are not grateful for what we have and complain over what we don’t have in our lives.. People with such attitude will always complain even if they get the whole world. We are sad and poor because of our attitude and not because of lack of money or outside stuff. Everything get fixed by itself if we fix our attitude.

Bring smile on others face: More we bring smile on others, more we will smile and be happy. There might be few who may not be grateful for the good work that we do to them. But still we got to be good with them and do good to them because we are answerable to our own conscience and not theirs. And life is not give and take deal. If our parents and loved ones made such deal with us what would be the result? How bad,horrible and hard will be our lives? We are strong because of the love of our parents, friends and loved ones and not because of high protein powder, meat and vegetables. Love is the biggest nutrition and life.

Thoughts, words and action: Our thoughts, action and words affects our physical and mental body more than food and exercise.Emotional pollution is more dangerous and hazardous than environmental pollution.
Words are like mantra. We are creating a personality,a future,prosperity for our selves through the words we speak. And our thoughts and actions automatically get balanced once the words we utter is perfected and positive.

Thanks for reading, Lots of love