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Feb 19, 2017

skip salt completely in my diet or not..?

It depends. Salt can exist in so many natural whole foods, from fish to fowl to animals and vegetables and fruit. If you just ate those things and avoided added salt like we should avoid added sugar - you will be better off. Drink water and keep active.

All food produced in natural farming style has sodium in it (without chemical fertilizers and pesticides),
So no issue if salt is completely skipped as long as food source comes from natural farmers
However, if your daily routine involves hard work in sun, you need to eat food which has more sodium content ie leafy vegetables
Human requirement of sodium is just 380mg
Salt is preservative. All fast food/junk food/packaged food contains sodium
US dietary standard is 2.3 grams because it will help food and hospital/pharmaceutical industry
Fast food/Junk food consumers salt intake generally will be above 5 grams
An average Indian eats sodium anywhere between 5 to 10 grams
Arthritis/Joint pains are one of the top 3 diseases in US